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"In preparation for opening my own law firm, I dedicated several months to reading dozens of business books.  Upon completion, all I had to show for my effort was a large pile of books on the floor with pages marked with highlighter and separated by post-it notes.   The best decision I made was to sign up for Market Your Law Practice.  I was able to incorporate their invaluable marketing tips and techniques into my marketing assignments. In the end, the short assignments create a large marketing plan.  Market Your Law Practice is ingenious!"


"Market Your Law Practice breaks down marketing into small, bite-size pieces to help you create a marketing plan that is so exhaustive and extensive that your firm will be able to use the ideas to generate business for years to come."


"When I first signed up for market your law practice, I did not know how invaluable completing the marketing assignments would be for my practice.  By doing the assignments, such as determining who your A-List Client is and what position your law firm has in the market, I was able to feel comfortable creating my own niche practice when everyone is a generalist.  Terrie Wheeler's extensive experience and advice let me know I could do it!"


"As lawyers, few of us have time to focus on reading a book on business or finding a business mentor to explain how marketing works.  For a great price, you get a marketing expert reviewing your marketing ideas and providing individualized feedback for your law firm.  There is no reason your law firm cannot generate more business using MarketYourLawPractice.com!"

Latrice Milton, Esq.

Managing Partner

Milton Law Offices

Opened firm on August 1, 2011 


"I have been using the MarketYourLawPractice.com program for about a month now and it is the greatest marketing solution I have ever come across.  I use it every day, sometimes only for a few minutes and other times for hours. No matter how much I use it, my marketing improves tremendously each and every day.  It has helped me improve the current marketing materials that I already use and provided me countless new and innovative ways to not only increase my marketing efforts, but to improve relationships with my current clients.  I could not ask for more from a marketing program."

Brad M. Micklin, Esq


"Much is expected of lawyers and we expect much from ourselves.  Many tools help us learn our craft, but without paying clients, the craft is merely a hobby.  If you have wanted to find a tool to help you build the satisfying sustainable law practice you expect, it’s here.  Whether you are newly minted or a seasoned veteran, MarketYourLawPractice.com  has ideas and roadmaps.  It caters to lawyers’ unique needs, time constraints and desire to maximize return on investment.  After 20 years in private practice, I am happy to have found a new way to systematize my marketing efforts, and stay motivated to maintain the kind of momentum that brings solid returns."

Tracy Kochendorfer

Founder, TK Law, PLC

Past Partner, Rider Bennett, LLP and Attorney, Best & Flanagan, PLLP


“I think that MYLP is a break-through product.  We lawyers are often very poor business people, and most lawyers do not seem to put much time into marketing.  This website provides users with a concrete means of “doing marketing,” by providing the tools to both analyze your current marketing, and giving concrete steps for improving or changing your marketing techniques.  I can definitely see the utility in using the site, for both small and large firms.”

Lisa Pezzano Mickey, Esq.
Law Office of Lisa Pezzano Mickey, NJ


"I began using MarketYourLawPractice.com by completing the self-assessments “Test Your Marketing Know How” and “Marketing Best Practices for Lawyers.”  As I answered the questions and rated my know-how and current marketing activities I realized that I kept thinking the same three things: “Wow, I should be doing that”, “Gee, I really need to do more of that” and “I’ve thought about doing that before.”  Needless to say, my score for current marketing activities was pathetic.  Although I had been marketing here and there for a while, I realized what I needed was a more dedicated, consistent approach.  I am very excited about moving onto the next stage and creating and implementing My Marketing Plan.”

Lisa Ann Coe, Partner
Foley & Mansfield, Los Angeles Office


“I just finished with another session on MarketYourLawPractice.com. Every time I work on my marketing plan it makes me feel like I have just uncovered the tip of the iceberg. There is so much valuable information in MarketYourLawPractice.com. It has helped me understand the focus and attention necessary to be successful in my marketing efforts, and to create successful marketing habits. Even with the baby steps I have taken in the past 6-8 months, I have met more new prospective clients and I am receiving referrals from new sources weekly, which I would never have tapped into without using MarketYourLawPractice.com. Thank you.”

Dean G. Gavin, Partner
Gavin Law Office, PLC


"What an excellent website! I believe that when you allow users to have our own "ah-ha" experience while working through your site, lessons are most deeply learned.  Your annual subscription rate is not a lot of money for even a solo practitioner to manage. Your work is worth so much, and you should be able to reach many lawyers who truly need you. I love the depth of detail and opportunity to envision one's own work future in law with this site! I also value the access to you and to all of the experts you have on your team. "

Jane Smith, Esq., President
LiSimba Legal Consulting Services, Inc.


"I think MarketYourLawPractice.com is a thoughtful program that helps attorneys approach the business side of law in a very practical, results-oriented manner. "

Foley & Mansfield, PLLP


"Every aspect of the site has been helpful to me, especially the sections which provide examples of written materials, such as business proposals and client survey templates."

Foley & Mansfield, PLLP 


Read what her clients say about Terrie Wheeler, MBC, Marketing Coach, and Founder, Professional Services Marketing, Inc.


"Terrie is simply an amazing professional marketing coach. Her deep understanding of how law firms and lawyers think and act in terms of marketing and business development is incredibly extensive. Terrie understands the challenges faced by attorneys in terms of prioritizing time and focus on attending to client matters, maintaining and strengthening substantive expertise while seeking to develop new business. This extensive and deep understanding allows Terrie to work with individual attorneys and to focus on how best each individual can come up with a viable marketing/business development plan. It has been truly a privilege to work with Terrie over the years both through individual coaching sessions and through group training sessions. Terrie does not approach coaching individuals through a single “one size fits all” approach. Rather, she is able to harness and develop individual and unique strengths that each one of us brings to the table and through focusing on individual strengths and abilities she is able to develop and guide individuals to reach their own uniquely personal marketing objectives. I most strongly recommend Terrie as a "must have" personal marketing coach for any attorney irrespective of length or success in the field.”

Piyumi M. Samaratunga, Attorney

Aronson & Associates

(952) 237-0190


“Terrie Wheeler has been my marketing coach for the entire 14 years in which I have practiced law. Terrie has inspired me to think about marketing in a strategic way, and to take the responsibility for making it happen. Her 20+ years of experience have shined through as she has shared the best practices of marketing with me. With her help, I have succeeded to build new practice areas that have complemented the legal services I previously offered. I look forward to continuing to work with Terrie in the future.”

James S. Patterson, Partner Sherman & Patterson, Ltd.

(612) 804-2165


“Terrie is highly skilled at moving the key players in an organization in the right direction, without ruffling any feathers. She is an extremely savvy business partner, a superb trainer, and an extraordinary one-to-one coach. I have relied on her insights for years and will do so for years to come. I also refer her to others regularly, and receive rave reviews on her work.”

Sheila Engelmeier, Managing Partner

Engelmeier & Umanah

(612) 455-7723


“Terrie is a tremendous marketing professional and marketing coach. She has keen insights for her clients and turns those ideas into sound strategies and successful money making tactics. She is a delightful person and a very positive thought leader!”

Brad Lehrman , Partner

Lommen Abdo Law Firm

(612) 336-9317


“Terrie is unbelievable. I worked with her several years ago and continue to be amazed at the results that I get from her guidance and ideas. I cannot recommend her enough. On a scale of 1 to 10, she's a 20. Terrie is to marketing coaching what Vince Lombardi was to football!”

Joseph Roach, Partner

Briggs & Morgan

(612) 977-8466


“Terrie will take your law practice to a new level of prosperity. She is a reputable expert in helping professionals market their services! I am a true believer in her approach to marketing a law practice. She brings knowledge and expertise to advise and guide lawyers as they seek to attract high-end clients. I highly recommend Terrie as the gold standard of marketing coaching.

Don McNeil, Partner

Coleman, Hull & Van Vliet, PLLP

(952) 841-0001