Benefits of a Membership on will help you:

·       Think strategically – develop a strategic focus to the growth of your practice

·       Build confidence – build your marketing confidence in a variety of situations

·       Create focus – develop processes which bring focus and discipline to marketing

·       Maximize your time – best utilize your marketing time by pursuing only the highest impact strategies

·       Build relationships – develop a system to regularly follow up with A-level contacts

·       Market more effectively – access marketing tools that are customized to meet your unique needs

·       Measure and evaluate your success – evaluate marketing opportunities on a real-time basis


·       Tightly links and optimizes:

o        professional development of the individual

o        the growth and success of the firm

·       Focuses on:

o        enhancing profitability

o        leveraging existing resources

o        identifying and securing additional opportunities

·       Is personalized:

o        work at your own pace on topics of interest to you

o        tailored to your specific needs

o        completed and in-progress materials are securely stored in your own online marketing folder

·       Works with tools you already use:

o        Email

o        Microsoft Outlook

o        Word

o        Excel

·       Delivered:

o        when it suits you

o        throughout the year

o        to your desktop

o        with trackable progress monitoring



Pay 10% of the cost of hiring a personal marketing coach
with well over 90% of the benefits of working with one



Why is so effective?

·       It’s easy

·       It’s logical

·       It’s a proven tool

·       It helps to keep you organized and on task

·       In these tight economic times, you need to market your law practice on an even tighter budget

·       It costs less than your cable bill for one month, less than you pay for a latte a day



Problems Solved with the Solution:


·       Generate more clients – and higher quality clients

·       Attract more work from current clients

·       Increase the number of people who know who you are

·       Build your professional reputation

·       Communicate effectively with clients

·       Increase revenue

·       Achieve a return on your marketing investment

·       Pursue high impact low cost marketing strategies

·       Implement strategies that WORK!



Questions to Consider:


·       How much money have you spent on ineffective marketing strategies?

·       What does it cost to attract even one quality new client?

·       What would you pay to attract two or three new clients?

·       What are you doing now that is more effective?