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Are You a Good Candidate for

Answer 10 simple questions to find out!

We want lawyers across the country to actively engage with our website.  We know it will help you develop clients.  However, we also know our web-based tool is not right for everyone.  Take this simple assessment to determine if you are a good candidate for

1.At this point in your career, how motivated are you to attract new clients?
ExtremelyVerySomewhatNot VeryNot At All

2.How motivated are you to develop relationships with new referral sources?
ExtremelyVerySomewhatNot VeryNot At All

3.How confident are you that you are fully serving the needs of your current clients?
Not At AllNot VerySomewhatVeryExtremely

4.How active are you at building your reputation in the community (writing, speaking, volunteering)?
Not At AllNot VerySomewhatVeryExtremely

5.How would you rate your willingness and ability to pursue the development and implementation of your marketing plan using an independent study approach?
ExtremelyVerySomewhatNot VeryNot At All

6.How happy are you with your current income?
Not At AllNot VerySomewhatVeryExtremely

7.In an average week, how much time do you currently spend on marketing and client development?
Very little1 hour2-3 hours4-5 hoursOver 5

8.If you subscribe to, how much time would you be willing to spend on marketing and client development per week?
Over 5 hours4-5 hours2-3 hours1 hourVery little

9.How ready and willing are you to be held accountable to reach the marketing goals you set for yourself?
ExtremelyVerySomewhatNot VeryNot At All

10.If you applied a letter grade to your marketing abilities, what grade would you give yourself?